4D – The next frontier

June Offer 2013_Final4D Visualisation is a term that describes an entertainment & presentation system combining a 3D video with physical effects in a special environment, which occur in synchronization with the video. Because physical effects can be expensive to install, 4D videos can only be presented at special venues designed for just such a purpose. Some of the effects simulated in 4D videos include rain, wind, strobe lights, and vibration. The use of water sprays and air jets is also common. A 4D video is not shown in a motion simulator, although some seats in 4D venues vibrate or may move a few inches during the presentation.

Due to the fast growth of movies, video, and the entertainment industry, 3D Theatres have been enhanced by the addition of special simulations. The combination of 3D movies with chair movement (vibration, sway, tilt, drop, wave motion, or movement in any direction) and other chair effects, such as wind blowing, water spraying, leg and back ticklers, is usually considered a 4D experience.


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