• 3D Perspectives

We can create photo realistic 3D images of any property development, infrastructure project or structure. These are specially useful when the property or project is not physically present either because it has not yet been built or is in a location where filming is either impossible or dangerous. These images can be used for design and development, research work, presentation to project related stakeholders or for marketing.

  • 3D Animations

These are traditionally called Flythroughs or Walkthroughs where we create a virtual video using information consisting of CAD plans, photos, sketches etc. These are also photo realistic and can be used to highlight details of the structure, surrounding areas, extent of the project or impact on other structures. The whole animation is story boarded at the start of the project and a wireframe pathway is created for approval from client before adding all the details.

  • Multimedia Presentations

These are similar to the animations but include many other elements like photos, logos, texting, titles, vfx, external video footage, music, voice over etc which is then composited to create a multimedia video presentation.

  • Interactive Presentation Tools

These are a combination of animation, 3d still images and other elements, combined together in such a way that the presenter has control over the flow and sequence of the 3d tool. There is no pre-determined camera pathway and the presenter can move around by use of tabs, menus, etc. These are mostly flash based.

  • Photomontages

These are a combination of a 3D model inserted into a real photograph. These can be specially useful to show the relation of a new structure in an existing environment. Highly useful for government approval of projects and also for public consultation.