3D Visualization and Architectural model

Visualization is an art of the mind and 3D visualization makes it a science as well. With fully functional and competent 3D visualization software, there is nothing this science cannot achieve. Besides, aiding graphics and animation industry, the software facilitates several other domains to investigate natural and man-made occurrences. Techniques of 3D visualization can be applied in the fields of architecture, mining, oil and gas and industrial arenas. Observation of earth through 3D satellites, construction of information models, development of 3D healthcare technologies, 3D city models in architecture and forest monitoring are some of the other applications of the concept.


The tool is a facilitator for various science, engineering and geological functions. The diversity of opportunities the software provides is unique, informative and beneficial to the environment at large. Processes have become smarter and more intelligent. The entertainment industry breathes life into inanimate images and processes streamlined from pre-visualization through post-production. Speed, precision and detail are thus not compromised on with the comprehensive and meticulous 3D visualization software.

As a 3D visualisation company based in Australia we create high end 3D animations, visuals and multimedia presentation tools for the Property, Mining, Oil & Gas and Engineering industries worldwide.

Veetil Digital creates 3D solutions for clients based in Australia and focuses on simplicity and effectiveness. Our philosophy is to provide you with 3D solutions that not only meets your needs but enhances your relationships with your clients.

We use the latest in software and hardware to create 3D solutions for you, so you can be assured that you are getting the best of what is on offer.

Veetil Digital’s suite of 3D solutions include:

1. 3D Animation products including Fly Throughs / Walk Throughs / Simulations all driven by concept story boards, creative art direction and movie like production value

2. 3D representation of Highly technical and complex construction sequences, methodologies and operations

3. 3D Simulation of Mining Operations and Oil & Gas Installations and Above sea and Subsea operations

4. Interactive Multimedia Presentation tools and marketing video presentations

5. High Quality photo realistic computer generated 3D Imagery and Photo Montages

6. Full scale Architectural Models – internally lit, full colour and detail – Both architectural and industrial

Some of the recent samples of 3D animation undertaken by Veetil Digital are as given below :



The right kind of 3D solution is an essential ingredient in helping your project succeed. Unlike most other companies we have a wide range of products in our portfolio and are a one stop shop for all your 3D requirements. Our infrastructure also enables us to undertake multiple projects at the same time without having any negative impact on your delivery schedule.

We are also one of the few companies that can undertake highly complex technical and industrial visualisation work in addition to the regular architectural visualisation.

We can provide you with 3D presentation tools that can be used for presentations to key stakeholders, public consultation, marketing of your project, explaining in a simple way complex procedures, installation methodologies or construction sequences.