3D Animations

3D animation is a process whereby computers are used to generate a simulated video of the structure, event, process or project. Basic 2D CAD files are used to create a 3D version of the object or process using specialised 3D software. From very basic and humble beginnings, today we have highly complex and realistic simulations of real life.

3D Animations

3D animation in Australia has gone beyond the conventional and explores newer realms of life and entertainment consistently. High quality animation is obtained from top quality software to create an impact that surpasses competition. At Veetil Digital, animation and visualization take over fresh new perspectives in delivering what is called a viable and successful product that is also cost-effective. With excellent 3D animation software and exceptional creative competence, Veetil Digital an Australian company based in Perth renders contemporary solutions in the fields of architecture, oil and gas, industrial and mining.

The process of 3D animation involves the following 6 stages.

Stage 1: Preparing and Finalising the Brief / Storyboard.

Stage 2: Camera Pathway – Camera movements, speed and positioning.

Stage 3: Structure – To identify any changes related to the structure. All 3D post production elements to be finalized at this stage.

Stage 4: Materials / Colours / Textures – To identify any changes related to any of these aspects.

Stage 5: Post Production – To identify any changes related to the finishing aspects ( People, Cars, Landscaping etc. ). All changes at this stage will be only in 2D. Any 3D changes required at this stage will need us to go back to Stage 3.

Stage 6: Editing – All external elements like video footage, stock footage, voice over and music to be added at this stage.

Veetil Digital’s suite of 3D animation models involve :

1. 3D Animation products including Fly Throughs / Walk Throughs / Simulations all driven by concept story boards, creative art direction and movie like production value

2. 3D representation of Highly technical and complex construction sequences, methodologies and operations

3. 3D Simulation of Mining Operations and Oil & Gas Installations and Above sea and Subsea operations

4. Interactive Multimedia Presentation tools and marketing video presentations

5. High Quality photo realistic computer generated 3D Imagery and Photo Montages

6. Full scale Physical Models – internally lit, full colour and detail – Both architectural and industrial


Some of the recent samples of 3D animation undertaken by Veetil Digital are as given below :



Minimalism often makes a great impact. Veetil Digital, leading 3D animation studio at Perth has over the years learnt to make the most of it. Striking simplicity drives homes a message more effectively than loud images and graphics. We adopt the latest and most creative techniques to create animation solutions that defy competition. The industry demands cutting-edge solutions and the animation industry at Perth is one of the most advanced in the world. Clients from different industries seek perfection because it often takes less than one chance to reach to your customers. And that first chance most often becomes the last with the tiniest of flaws. So, there is never a room for lack of compromise on quality.

The growth of the entertainment, gaming and media may have triggered and promoted the growth of 3D animation. However, the concept quickly made inroads into diverse sectors where it has proven beneficial to not just one community but to the society at large.

One of the most innovative and enterprising 3D animation studios at Australia, Veetil Digital ensures that focus and communication to clients are efficient and effective. Some of the most interesting and famous animations the world has ever seen emanate from simple ideas translated well. The art of animation when mastered creates out-of-the-box designs and models that are not just instant hits but also stand the test of time. So, Veetil Digital helps clients portray their ideas, thoughts and imagination and present them in a canvas that makes a quality impression. Every single project follows a schedule and process to ensure there aren’t any delays or slip-ups.