At Veetil the primary focus is on People. We are first and foremost a people oriented organisation. People always come before Profit.
We work together to Make Life Easier not only for our customers, but also for our employees, suppliers and other stake holders.
We are also a Responsible and socially aware corporate citizen and contribute to various causes for the under privileged and needy.
Our goal is to lead Extraordinary lives. For us “ Being Great or Good “ is only the starting point.
We view life as a Journey to be enjoyed and appreciated, and have Fun in everything that we do. We create an atmosphere of fun and happiness so that everyone can enjoy what they do.
We have a Balanced approach to life remembering that our physical, social, spiritual and family aspects are just as important as our financial and intellectual ones.
We encourage our employees to take Risks, be Courageous and Innovative, and most of all think out of the box.
We work as a very close team, Trusting and Supporting each other, in order to bring out the best in each one of us and achieve both our organisational and personal goals.
We take Responsibility and Ownership in everything we do, be Accountable for our actions and their outcomes.
We have a Positive attitude and are not afraid of failure. We learn from our failures and mistakes and grow and become better at what we do.
We expect all our employees to have the qualities of Honesty and Integrity.
Most of all we believe in the Abundance mentality and are Passionate about building Win-Win Relationships with all who come in contact with us.