How to create 3D Architectural model showreels

Digital mediums such as animation services are the flavor in today’s rapidly technology consuming world. 3D animation solutions is one of the fastest growing industry and has evolved into a multi-million dollar business simply because of the range of visual effects and perspectives that can be marketed using high quality software and supported hardware from animation studios.


A showreel by definition is intended to serve as a marketing tool promoting an actor or artist’s body of work. It is like a resume, except that it is visual and is usually available in the form of a DVD or uploaded to the web.

The intent is to get your foot through the door for an interview, present for a potential project that is relevant to your business or to get agents to consider you to represent them. Architectural model makers can showcase their work or projects they have worked through 3D animation solutions that show the 360 degree view of their work, replete with size, volume, color, depth, gradients and so on. An ideal showreel should be short and crisp that creates the maximum impact within a matter of seconds. With ruthless competition, it is imperative that care and precision is taken to deliver a perfect job.

To create that edge

it is important to review your work once you have it all put together as a draft or as first cut. No one wants to wade through a mass of work with no definite direction. If you are pitching to demonstrate your expertise in a particular area such as architecture, show reels can for instance capture architectural model projects delivered in different areas such as residential or commercial in different sizes, shapes and prices.

Where time is money, businesses do not have the luxury of wading through a mountain of work that could actually cost you heavily.

Clarity of thought should come through clearly in your showreel for the viewer evaluating from a host of options. What is in it for them? Is it cost, design, time or a combination of all three?

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Architectural showreels

Keep it short and simple is the mantra. It opens up lines of communication for further discussion. A strong start and finish with enough substance to make up for the body is something to consider to make that difference. Keep reviewing your work until you have done away with parts that need not be there at all.

The distinction between must have content and nice to have content is a good guideline to consider during editing and most importantly, never forget your intended audience. They are the starting point around which all your work is being modeled. As with any venture, basic thumb rule is do your research about the perth studio for whom you are looking to pitch your work. It is critical to understand the kind of work they have been working with and are looking to build on. This will help you tailor your showreel to match that expectation and possibly, land your dream project.

How to create 3D Architectural model showreels
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How to create 3D Architectural model showreels
Architectural model showreels by definition is intended to serve as a marketing tool promoting an actor or artist’s body of work.
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