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Most Famous Architectural Visualization Styles

Architectural visualization is evolving rapidly into an artistic process of generating visually attractive portrayal of the building structures. The journey started from being merely a process of generating 3D replication of buildings. It has now matured into the process of adding life to building models by using an intelligent combination of colors, texture and lighting effects and adding real life scenarios. The visualization process has become a blend of modeling, depicting and dramatization of architectural.
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3D Visualization Brings Design to Life

An innovative idea is born instantaneously. But its real success lies in improving upon the idea and presenting it in a neat and precise manner. This principle holds good for product design which is a culmination of creativity and technology. A product design not only reveals the technical features of the product, but also showcases the expertise and professionalism of the enterprise. Hence it is of paramount importance that the designs are thorough and realistic. 3D.
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Why always Kitchen Designed using 3D Architectural Rendering ?

Kitchen design is the primary part of home design. Due to the changes in life style, the modern kitchen serves not only as a place for cooking, but also for dining and getting together with the family. As a result of its growing significance, kitchens draw the attention of home architects who come up with a thoughtful design with ample space to accommodate cooking space, the sink, many modern electrical equipment used in cooking and protecting.
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