3D Architectural Rendering – Types, Techniques and Advantages

An image is often the most powerful and compelling forms of communication and a video heightens the process further. Professional fields like engineering and architecture hence make use of 3D animation in Australia to make their line of communication easier, more efficient and clear. Architectural 3D rendering is an important component in the domains of architecture and engineering. 3D computer graphics represent the backbone of this technology and 3D rendering is one of the significant processes in the larger picture. 3D modeling and animation follow closely.

3D Architectural Rendering

3D Architectural Rendering in Perth

The process of rendering includes conversion of a model into an image. Photo realistic images are achieved when light transport is simulated or certain styles applied. There is involved a long series of calculation to arrive at the final 3D rendering output. These calculations are often based on placement of light and types of surfaces. Rendering can be bifurcated into real time rendering and offline or pre-rendering. When customers have to make a choice between the two; the decisive factors include quality and speed of image production.

Techniques of Rendering

Rendering can also be done with different techniques and this is largely dependent upon your customer’s requirements.

            1. Scan line technique calculates polygon by polygon, goes by high speeds and is often used in real time rendering.

            2. Ray tracing creates better photo realistic images. The calculations are usually based on light rays – reflection and refraction.

           3. Radiosity is based on the simulation of surface orientations.

3D animation in Australia or in other parts of the world involves modeling and animation before the image is rendered. The 3D rendering process demonstrates the entire scenario as a picture. Rendering is often done depending upon the client’s requirements. Realistic and non-realistic qualities are simulated and added in the process.

3D Rendering Software

3D animation companies in Perth, Australia make use of advanced software in the rendering process to create spectacular results. Some of these include 3Delight, Aqsis, kerkeythea and Freestyle besides others. These tools are exclusively designed for the purpose of rendering. 3D rendering comes with numerous advantages including but not limited to ensuring better design value, improvised platform to sell your design, including realistic tools, flexibility and offering detailed description of the structure. 3D rendering is easy to learn and great to incorporate and promises quality and efficiency of the highest order.

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