3ds Max and Maya. The Frontrunners in 3D Modeling and Animation

From game designing and film making to city planning and exploration of natural resources, 3D modeling and animation has versatile uses and indispensable benefits. 3D modeling refers to the development of design simulation using the most advanced 3D software for highest precision and quality. These tools enable 3D artists to create an object and move it around for review from any angle for accuracy and functionality. The object is examined from every angle in order to create maximum impact in results. 3D modeling requires meticulous attention and detailing to spatial relationships between objects.

3D Modeling and Animation

3D Modeling Software

During the modeling process, designers can add textures, lights and colors to create life-like images for the purpose of presentation. Using light and related techniques to the object and checking for influence on colors and textures help designers build an effective 3D model or presentation. Autodesk is one of the reigning names in the world of 3D modeling and animation. Two of the biggest 3D CAD software Maya and 3ds Max that are popular across industries are from Autodesk.

1. Maya


Maya is an end-to-end 3D animation package that focuses on organic and flowing objects. The primary advantage of Maya is that it is completely integrated with match moving, simulations and every other advanced visual effects. Maya is used by all conceivable Hollywood movies that have had heavy duty and highly impactful visual effects in them including the kinds of the Harry Potter series.

2. 3ds Max

3ds Max

3ds Max is one of the expensive animation software in the world and there are specific reasons why it is so. One of the very popular tools used in architecture and gaming industries, 3ds Max can handle any kind of requirement for creating statically rendered scene.

Hence, they are ideal for creating marketing presentations to help architects and realtors. The biggest advantage of 3ds Max is that architects can easily create fixed and rigid forms of structure like buildings to the greatest quality.

3D modeling and animation is a burgeoning industry that has wide applications. These tools accelerate the process of decision making, optimize productivity and deliver value. Process efficiency is heightened and product lifecycles are visibly reduced so as to bring the best of services to clients across the world. The world of 3D animation is today getting increasingly industry agnostic.


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