Here Come New Ideas for Architectural Models

Architectural models hold the key role in building a unique and incomparable architectural design. An architectural model gives architects the way to communicate the design successfully with the clients. It gives a realistic view of the building to be built. With the evolution of 3D modeling and animation, the physical 3 dimensional representations of the architecture has been replaced to a great extent by digital architectural designs. Innovative animation effects and visualization have helped architects to offer clients with exact and deeper insight of the proposed building. As a result architectural model makers are adopting 3D rendering of architectural models.

Different Types of 3D Modeling

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3D modeling is a way to create replica of the real time proposed object. In order to present an accurate idea of the designed object to the clients, different kinds of 3D modeling and animation techniques are used by architects such as:

Curve Modeling – Represent Weighted Control Points

This methods lets architectural model makers to represent curved surfaces and weighted points residing in the curved surfaces. Weighted control points basically control the curves of the surface. And these curves are further divided as Spline or NURBS.

Polygonal Modeling – Most Preferable 3D Modeling Type

In polygonal architectural modeling, multiple vertices are joined together with the help of lines to form a shape of polygon in 3D space. In other words the surfaces of virtual objects are represented with the help of polygon. Polygonal 3D models are preferred by architectural model makers because these are easy to modify and render.

Procedural Modeling Technique

Procedural Models are another 3D modeling and animation techniques which involve generation of 3D models on the basis of user specified algorithms. Some of the major procedural modeling techniques are fractals, generative modeling and L-systems.

3D Modeling Based on Images

2 dimensional images of a scene are used to generate image based architectural 3D models.

Digital Sculpting – Latest 3D Modeling Technique

DespiteĀ  being one of the latest 3D modeling methods, this 3D modeling and animation technique has emerged as one of the popular 3D modeling technique. It involves creation of a digital model that looks just like real life object. In this 3D sculpting method various digital functions are combined together using software to form an accurate and exact representation of real life sculpture.

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This representation lets viewer have an exact idea of what an architectural design of the object will look like in real time. Using digital sculpting, not only exteriors, even interior models can be produced efficiently.

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