4 Reasons why Construction Projects must use 3D Animation

The world has moved from videos to 3D animation in every industry and construction is no exception to this change. Virtual 3D models are growing increasingly popular in construction. They enable the user visualize interiors and exteriors of the proposed construction project and understand every single step in the process. Words were translated to videos and videos today are 3-dimensional thus making the product simple, effective and most engaging. Animation in construction is basically used to describe a project from start to completion.

3-dimensional animation helps construction firms understand their plans in a clearer and more precise manner and their modus operandi better. Their primary objective does not just stop with visualization but also helps architects and engineers create a transformation in the project for the better. The individual roles of architects, engineers, contractors and designers are highly specialized and may not be comprehended by all stakeholders. So, communication or the lack of it is visibly and significantly improved through 3D animation. Here are the other reasons why construction projects largely benefit from 3D concepts.

1. Better Design

Construction Projects must use 3D Animation

Pencil and paper have been the conventional mediums to express an architect’s ideas and designs. However, these are more difficult or sometimes even impossible for correction by humans. Many ambiguities characterized the hand drawings. Coordination among different parties to a project became tougher. This is where 3D modeling renders architects a lot more clarity and detailing thereby enabling meticulous and efficient corrections for a better optimized project and process.

2. Collaboration of large variety of data

Collaboration of large variety of data

There are a number of individual components and tasks in any project. Manual collaboration often reflects redundancy, reduced productivity and bigger scope for errors. But with 3D programs, collaboration of a larger variety of data is possible with no errors or discrepancies.

3. Ease of use and share

Ease of use and share

Physical models are large, cumbersome, tough to share, difficult to comprehend and tough to change. Computer models that are a product of 3D animation help the viewers see, share, view and edit the model to its best performance. Every visual stakeholder understands the project in the same way and within the shortest time span possible.

4. Obtaining Approvals

The biggest need of every construction project is to seek approvals and for that, the project must reach out to its stakeholders in the intended way. Accuracy and precision, vision clarity and comprehensiveness are some of the elements that drive a construction firm to secure an approval and 3D videos can help do that easily, effectively and quickly.

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