5 Reliable Sources to Learn About 3d Animation

3d Animation

3d animation is indeed a very vast industry requiring comprehensive study and training. Though you persevere to study it on your own, your efforts to excel in the industry can only get fulfilled with extensive professional training. Here is a list of five reliable sources where you can learn 3d animation to attain the desired skill level:

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh:

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh offers degree courses in niches including arts, design, fashion and culinary. The mentors here extend great support in building your skills to get established in a creative career. Their 3d animation course is named “Media Arts and Animation Bachelor of Science”. To start with, this course gives you rich knowledge in drawing, designing and illustration in 2D formats.

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

On completing the 2D learning phase, you move on to 3D formats where you learn to create characters or objects that migrate alive as animations. Successful completion of this course will give the students wide range of opportunities to work as animator, digital media producer, background designer, layout artist, video game artist, and so on.

Westwood Colleges Online:

Westwood Colleges Online

Westwood colleges functions under Alta Colleges Inc. It is functional in 14 campus locations. The specialty with this college is its online course offering. Westwood Colleges Online offers 25 degree courses. They have topnotch audio and video technologies which gives the students a classroom like experience even with online courses.

Arts Institute – US and Canada:

Arts Institute in US and Canada offers degrees in different areas of studies including media, design, arts, culinary, to name a few. Here, they offer professional course in 3d animation that allows students experience using hardware and software tools that are challenging and competitive.

Arts Institute – US and Canad

Students are primarily introduced to computer animations and made to learn drawing, become a better writer, design animation characters, and so on. They also get hands on experience in digital editing and storytelling in digital form. Camera and lighting techniques, film-making animations, etc are also inclusive in their studies. Completing the 3d animation course here will produce students who have good scope of becoming 2d or 3d animator, digital storyteller, digital illustrator or storyboard artist. They can work with post production units, corporates or advertising agencies.

International Academy of Design and Technology:

International Academy of Design and Technology

Primarily located in the United States, International Academy of Design and Technology functions as an animation institute with 10 branches including those in Chicago, Las Vegas, Nashville, Tampa, Orlando, etc. They offer courses in computer animation, digital production, information technology, graphic design, etc. Here, students are admitted on conducting a personal interview. A basic math test is applicable for students who have not completed high school or GED.

Veetil Digital:

Veetil Digital is a full-fledged 3d animation company functioning in multiple locations including Australia, India, UAE, UK and USA. Backed by an excellent team of professional animators, they offer 3D animation services in Perth. Animators working here have got vast scope of multiplying their knowledge by gaining hands on experience in variety of animation projects.

films architectural models

There are a number of 3d animation training institutes where you can gain rich knowledge and experience. Nevertheless, it is the innate creativity and interest that drives you to become a successful 3d animator!

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