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3D Animation overall process explained in 6 stages

3D Animation, also known as computer animation is the process of creating dynamic images using computer graphics. A 2D graphic is fed into the computer, which then converts it into a three-dimensional object using specialized software. It is a simulation of an event, process, or form intended to give the feeling of a virtual reality without having to see it in real life such as architectural visualization, where clients experience the real-life simulation. Read more

Architectural Model Making, Tools, Techniques and Materials

An Architectural Model is essential for the study of scale, shape and form. It is a scale model, used to illustrate a physical representation of an entity. Such models are created as miniatures, designed to provide the look and feel of the real object and its interaction with external conditions, without having to see it in reality. This is almost like a simulation. Before you can create your model: you require.
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3D Animation services and Areas of Specialization

Thinking of doing a 3D visualization project? Connect yourself with Veetil Digital to get one step closer to your dream and to kick start the work. With offices present in Australia, India, UK, the United States and the Middle East, Veetil Digital caters to a worldwide clientele and provides services locally with extraordinary expertise and support at a low price. Although providing many services such as 3D visualization, Read more