Business Innovation and Ideas Generation Methods for 3D Rendering

Innovation is key not just for expanding your business, but to stay ahead in the competition as well. It means generating and implementing new ideas in response to customer needs that creates value to your business and customers alike. So the solution needs to be practical and economically feasible.

It becomes a market differentiator. Innovation spans across all industries. In the field of animation, 3D modeling and rendering can now be applied not only in Media and Entertainment, but also in Architecture, Health care, and Interior Designing including Urban Planning.

Innovation also implies an investment in market research and technology. In the case of urban planning or modeling cities, it was traditionally visualized using manual techniques that consumed a huge volume of time and resources.

3D modeling

This has been further compounded by the burgeoning population that predominantly dominates the city landscape and poses an ever increasing demand, both qualitatively and quantitatively in the urban space.

This meant that traditional methods or technology can no longer be sufficient, but required an evolved modeling technique with superior software which uses simulation based scenarios or techniques to give a three dimensional feel to the design of windows, facades, buildings and all such aspects that is part of the complex urban landscape.

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3D Architectural modelSo it is not surprising to understand why urbanization is one of the most demanding design challenges among so many others. While 3d design considerations pose a considerable challenge, nevertheless the positive impact of technology on urban planning is enormous and cannot be ignored.

Let’s consider the most basic use such as navigation and finding directions in the ever changing landscape-even with the most basic information available, software should be able to determine the correct location using defined parameters. In the case of an emergency, such as a national disaster, having simulation software can assist in understanding the topology, and planning exit and relief strategies.

Taking it a notch up further, in the context of feasibility of proposed plans, it means that the software should also be able to predict the effects of a particular plan and its potential effects on the environment including the socio-economic impact of the proposed project.

3D DesignsThis enables to reduce risk and look for alternative options or invest further time in research for more sustainable solutions. Even in the field of gaming, it will be useful. For instance, using 3D rendering, urban designs can be generated both in video games as well as in the movies. This brings us to the question of the challenges involved in designing 3D models of the urban system.

It is not simply a bunch of buildings that is surrounded by an exterior landscape, but it mandates the interpretation of structures which flowed into each other over a particular geographical terrain.

3D rendering

It could be a community living space with housing areas, common parks, shopping centres, hospitals and recreational facilities all connected through a network of roadway systems. So the software will need to be built to use analytics and deliver accurate results based on the data it is fed.

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