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3D modeling and animation is so much more than those action sequences you see in movies! They are used for various other purposes as well such as for research and development in the field of medicine or for marine training. Also used in video games, 3D animations is a powerful tool in graphic designing. It has made education more interactive with the revolutionary e-learning where students are taught via 3D animations. A key player in the animation Perth market, Veetil Digital is growing into one of the best 3D animation companies in Australia. Contrary to the popular belief, 3D animations are not just about the resolution, but also the potential to attract and engage the user. Users prefer games or tutorial videos that are engaging, sure the quality of the animation matters but not as much as you thought it would. This is the reason why the Nintendo Wii was much preferred as opposed to the superior quality of PS3 or Xbox. The main priority is not the visual but interactive nature of the animation, be it a game, video.

immersive animation

As an animator, your main purpose is to develop 3D animations that are immersive and involve the user. Browse through these 3D solutions to get a better idea.

Get your facts straight

It is important that have a detailed knowledge about the topic that you would be animating. Collect all the possible information, and research well before actually getting down to the job. It is always better if you prepare a rough draft, a blueprint of sorts before the actual animation. This will be your reference to guide you through the whole process. Your aim should be to keep it as real as possible. Record the actual venue or the object and carefully analyze all the details before you animate them in 3D. Be as real and honest to the subject as possible. Interact Most of the 3D animation videos are made for educational purposes. Thus it is important that you provide authentic and honest information in these tutorials. As an animator you should know all about your subject topic that you’ll be filming.

Get your facts straight

Also the viewer must be able to grasp the information shown. A combination of the 3D animation graphics with a narration from an expert is the best way to achieve this goal. Consult a professional in the subject field and talk to him about your topic. For example if you are making a video on money investment, communicate with an economist or some professional who is an expert in this field. This will make your animation more interactive as well as increase your knowledge making it a fun and fruitful experience for both you and your audience.

Set some work for the viewer as well

To make your content more engaging, involve your audience as well by setting various revision tests and exercises. This helps the audiences implement the given information and also give him/her an opportunity to test the understanding of the subject. Create tasks that are interactive and fun to keep the audience hooked on to your animations. 3D animations make learning a fun experience.

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