Lightwave a 3D architecture (sciography) study

sing advanced tools and technology available in the market, it is possible to illustrate your imagination as realistic illustration using numerous tools in the market. For architectural model makers, it involves time, effort and cost to make changes to the design.

Further, you cannot add shadows or other effects that can add the visual effects and blow up your vision as a technology driven 3D visualization software can efficiently deliver. With consumers becoming more technology savvy and located across the globe, creativity and delivering a great consumer experience is key to the business, whether it is designing building or non-building structures, which are not necessarily created for occupancy or commercial purposes.

3D Architecture involves manipulating and balancing the elements of light, shadow, materials, aesthetic value, functional, environmental and technical considerations that makes the design a stand-out and executable. Pulling all these elements together today is made easier with advanced VFX studios, animation and software such as Lightwave 3D that continues to push the boundaries of visualization and design with its limitless rendering capabilities. It comes with a world class engine without any additional cost.

Lightwave 3D overview

For architects working on complex, demanding projects, the Architecture 3D bundle that combines the best of both such as Lightwave 3D’s modelling, rendering and animation along with WTools3D’s LWCAD CAD tools is a great choice in the field of architecture for its cost effective, high quality, 3D animation and visualization solution.

lightwave-3d animation

Some of the highlights of the tool include its real-world measurement capability, developing light-and-day setting using image-based lighting and Skytracer. Using the Sun Spot Modifier feature, designers can position the sun by applying latitude, longitude and time zone information, while photometric illumination is created using Illuminating Engineering Society files.

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Multiple-lighting solutions

Lightwave set the standard for polygonal, surface modeling. Its latest offering includes interactive modeling tools such as: UV Unwrap, Place Mesh, Heat Shrink

to name a few that completes its existing sturdy 3D modeling toolset. Its Instancing and Advanced Rendering options also enable duplication of object masses, while leveraging its advanced features such as: stretch, offset, rotate, object control for scale

Using the Instancing feature, you can randomly scale, rotate or position surface objects that are different from the source object.


Lightwave 3D’s advanced rendering options supports over 999 rendering nodes while its View port Preview Renderer supports depth of field, motion blur to name a few. Its 11.5 version provides many more interesting features such as: interactive flythrough, walkthrough with plug-and-play-support, dongle-free licensing with free technical support

It’s a holistic end-to-end solution that does away with additional costs.Should you wish to add or use more tools, there is no need to incur extra expenses since it is built in as part of the product package.

It is no surprise that this has become a comprehensive production solution for feature films, print graphics, gaming, broadcast design and web. This brings together the community of 3D architects and designers to collaborate and provide engaging solutions for their clients at an economical cost.

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