Quick and Easy ways to solve 3D animation problems

3D animation serves as a clear-cut marketing communication tool and aid many businesses to stay competitive in their field. Such incredible features of 3D animation have attracted too many budding 3D animators in freelance and as full-fledged firms. For all those beginners in 3D visual animation, here are a few tips that can set you free in your job by keeping irksome 3D animation problems at bay. Not everything is a piece of cake in 3D animation, no matter how far you love it.

3D animation general problems

no matter how far you love it. You may experience a few unforeseen issues with 3D animation. Read on to know the most common issues faced and how to be precautionary:


Intersection of two polygons at a single point is termed as co-planning. This is indicated by a black filtering on specific areas of geometry in the final result. The error is highly visible in camera motions, but it is not so with still renders. This issue can be solved by deleting either of the two overlapping polygons.

Troubles while switching to systems

There may be difficulties with copying your animations from one computer system to the other. While making these transformations, there may not be enough texture paths at a few junctures. In such a scenario where there is loss of link, there will be no changes with the geometry in the view-box, but the 3D animation will be rendered black.

Flickers in GI

The process of illuminating 3D sequences with the light produced by the computer itself is called Global Illumination (GI). With the use of GI, bouncing of light from one point to the other to produce desired results is possible.

Global Illumination (GI)

The problem with GI lies with flickers. There will be variations with visibility when the random light is wavering from frame to frame. Correcting the issue is time consuming. This can be corrected by tweaking or fine-tuning render settings.

System crash

This is among the common problems faced with 3D animations. It is obvious that 3D animations involve use of heavy files. Hence it is always wise to choose a computer system with enough memory. When this is not ensured, you are indirectly leaving room for computer crash. If your computer system does not have enough memory, you may choose to upgrade it from time to time.

system crash

System backup is one more important task that should be practiced at regular time intervals. With computers, anything can happen at any time, beware! Making a mistake or facing troubles with computer system is no wonder. However, taking precautionary measures is always advisable. As most of these mistakes cost you a lot in terms of both money and time, you may opt for online render farm. This allows you to access animation graphics sorted in groups. These can be rendered with the help of queue managers at faster rate than conventional methods.

Most of the leading players in 3D animation services like the Veetil Digital practice these easy methods to excel at their job. Such companies keep themselves updated with latest technology and practice latest nuance in the industry.






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