Significance of 3D Architectural Renderings for High Rise Buildings

High-rise buildings are becoming more and more popular in many countries for both commercial and residential commitments and purposes, due to the increasing land costs and growing metropolitan, urban population. They are ideal for cost-saving and practicality for numerous industries especially those that have a large number of human resources, like service sector.

There is also a rising trend of people preferring to live near their work places due to several reasons like saving time and fuel, diminishing pollution effects and being eco friendly. This has considerably increased the demand for residential communities established in sky scrapers.

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The success of such tall buildings lies greatly on the prudence of the architects who plan their design. A good visualization method like 3D architectural rendering becomes extremely useful for architects in helping them employ their skills in the best likely and probable ways. It not only augments the quality of their work, but also saves their precious time that can be invested in more projects to keep pace with the growing demands in the industry.

Challenges in Designing High Rise Buildings

High rise buildings need to be structurally strong and powerful enough to withstand the pressures of extreme weather conditions and natural disasters. They need to have appropriate fire safety procedures in place.  The ease of use of amenities like parking space, elevators and other amenities also becomes equally important. Hence, it becomes essential to exercise extreme care and caution in crafting the design of high rise buildings, taking into account of all safety norms as well as incorporating features for practical convenience.

These targets are achievable thanks to the technology advancements in construction industry. Their benefits can be maximized by devising an efficient plan with their optimal utilization. 3D rendering technique is a key enabler in visualizing all the technical aspects pertaining to the construction of high rise buildings.

Importance of the Building Design

The detailed design plan of a construction assignment created by the architects acts as a basis for determining the complete set of requirements of the scheme like estimation of time, budget and resources for various project activities like development, quality assurance, safety enforcement and any relevant approval processes. It becomes more significant in case of the high rise buildings as the degree of impact of the design is much greater as the undertaking involves huge amount of resources and budget.

The building design is used as a reference for planning critical tasks such as selection of the right materials and technology, defining and scheduling the work deliverable of the several working teams involved, and recognition of inter-team and external dependencies etc.

How 3D Rendering Makes a Difference

The 3D rendering methods help the architect to visualize all the architectural elements of a high rise building in a more pragmatic manner. The photorealistic 3D images provide a snap shot of the future building with all the visual aspects of the design. They offer the possibility to perceive the advantages and repercussions of the plan and explore ways to improve the efficacies of the positives and eliminate the pitfalls from the negatives.


The 3D visualization techniques are useful for the complete range of architectural renderings covering the interior and exterior part of the building including floor plans, individual room plans, landscape of the surroundings etc. and advanced features like interactive rendering, composite photographic rendering etc.

The Major Benefits of using 3D Renderings in Architectural Resign of High Rise Buildings are

Close to Real Images

3D rendering uses 3D visualization techniques to capture two dimensional images of the building models and replicating them in three dimensions. These images depicting the design of tall buildings are so close to reality that even finer details can be clearly observed and easily improved. A wide collection of professional tools like AutoCAD, Photoshop and 3D Studio Max etc. is available to generate such photorealistic pictures.

Clear Sketch of Interior Specifications

The visual details of the interiors of the building like colour and layout are made easy to visualize by the 3D renderings. They give the opportunity for building planners to offer more customization to the buyers. This is because the customers can get a feel of living in the building thanks to the realistic 3D graphics and animation techniques and recommend modifications in the plan or suggestion to improve the features related to the building.

As there are generally multiple customers are involved in a high rise building, this potential to clearly define the interior specifications and customizable features is key in arriving at a common agreement while finalising the plan before beginning the construction. It deeply reduces time and cost and eliminates possible disputes.

Bird’s Eye View of Exteriors

The bird’s eye view of the sky scrapers generated using 3D architectural rendering provides a comprehensive outlook of the building surrounding, locality and external conditions. This helps to understand the environmental constraints involved and determine any approval requirements well ahead of the start of the project. It gives ample time to obtain the permits from the relevant departments.

Dynamic Visualization

The 3D rendering methods are useful not only to visualize the static images of the buildings, but also to simulate real-time future events that may take place in the building. The scope for dynamic visualization enables the simulation of critical incidents like earth quake, wind pressure and fire to study their impact on the building. 3D visualizations are exceedingly interactive with platform to imitate manual events to test their impact.


Artistic Portray

The architectural rendering using 3D graphics provide a competitive benefit over competitors due to their neat presentation. Many specialist tools like ArchiCAD, 3D MAX and V-Ray enhance the aesthetic look of the designs. An artistic portray of the real estate projects created by 3D rendering methods is a good marketing trigger that magnifies the image of the project and attracts more customers. It is also the best tool to communicate the details of the building and highlight the customer friendly features.

The exceptional and unique benefits and advantages that 3D architectural rendering offers to high rise buildings are expected to grow with the growth of technological innovations in the software industry.

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