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Implementing Building Information Modelling in Construction

Building Information Modelling (BIM) has radically changed the way architectural, engineering and constructional design and documentation is implemented. The term BIM is now a common phrase, when it comes to building construction life cycle. The BIM is an integrated software that helps simulate the entire construction design, raw materials quantity, geographical boundaries, and operational requirements for a particular construction project. Much more than CAD software, BIM models manage graphical display, construction details and data.  This construction.
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4 Reasons why Construction Projects must use 3D Animation

The world has moved from videos to 3D animation in every industry and construction is no exception to this change. Virtual 3D models are growing increasingly popular in construction. They enable the user visualize interiors and exteriors of the proposed construction project and understand every single step in the process. Words were translated to videos and videos today are 3-dimensional thus making the product simple, effective and most engaging. Animation in construction is.

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