Why use 3D for Advertising?

The modern user has more presence and social activity in the cyber world than the real world. In order to adapt to this changing user scenario, the advertising industry needs to shift its focus on online brand building and mobile friendly advertising. The marketing content needs to be eye catching and quick in convincing the user to buy the product or service. As a result, today’s advertising is inclined more on graphic and video based content because the viewer can grasp visual information quickly and effortlessly than words.

Plakate mit Tiefenwirkung – Werbung in 3-D

The pictures and videos can be more effective with the use of 3D graphics and animation technologies. They are not only photorealistic but also better than the regular photographic images due to the possibility of adding finer visual details and effects to the pictures that will enhance their look and feel. The use of 3D animations in place of regular videos will be more fruitful because the imaginary characters used in animations can add more fun and make the advertisement message more memorable. The ability to combine the virtual and real characters and environments is the unique feature of 3D methods. Following is a short synopsis of the significance of using 3D technology in advertising:



An advertisement’s reach lies greatly in its visibility. The stunning images and the dynamic animations with extraordinary effects of 3D technology easily draw the attention of the viewers. The movement of visual elements well-presented in animations is more conspicuous to the user than the static pictures. Where there is a stronger need for including static pictures, 3D tools can be utilized to enhance the quality of images by offering the scope for adding decorative effects like adding extra dimensions, projection mapping and optical illusion.

Smart Way of Communication

In today’s fast moving world, communication needs to be quick and direct in order to be successful. The visual information presented using 3D images and demos helps marketing team to convey the necessary information precisely and persuasively. The complex information related to the products, their advantages over the others, the compelling reasons to buy and the success statistics are more comprehensible thanks to the 3D visualization methods.

Infinite Potential to Add Imagination

3D graphics and animations provide greater power and flexibility in advertising. The innovative concepts born out of an imaginative mind of a marketer can be communicated in a stylish manner using 3D animations.  Using advanced 3D rendering techniques like image compositing an elegant background can be added, two different photographs can be combined together or a virtual image and a photographic image can be merged. These methods boost the appeal of the advertisement.

Simulation of Real Time Events

The intricate details related to the functioning mechanism of a product or the highlights of a service can be explained in a simple manner using 3D simulations. These simulation methods are superior to video demos because they offer options for multi-angled views from a microscopic view to bird’s eye view.


The advertisements using 3D animations have magnetic effect on audience of all age. Kids grasp the message easily when the advertisement includes animation. The manner in which a camera captures a video can be simulated exactly to duplicate the realistic effects in virtual scenes. This technology is widely used in movies and can be used to generate realistic animations of advertisement content.

Demonstration Before Development

3D graphics are more suitable for displaying products even before they are developed. A virtual experience of living in houses can be created using 3D methods. The complex architectural details of large buildings like shopping malls and sky scrapers can be easily promoted well ahead of the project kick-off. The 3D images and simulations included in the advertisement campaign bring in more clarity for the buyers and help them to take informed decisions.

Enhances the Product Image

The showcase of a product using 3D pictures and animations magnifies its visual experience. Many car advertisements use the power of 3D in creating the pronounced look and feel with suitable backgrounds and to depict the dynamic attributes like speed and smoothness of movement.

The architectural details of a building can be presented nicely using 3D effects like lighting and shading effects for exteriors. The interiors can be demonstrated in a more attractive manner by adding perfect blend of shade, texture and illumination.3D methods can enhance the look of any product by adding beauty and clarity to the finer details of its picture.

Great Tool for Brand Building

The latest techniques like holograms and 3D printing have extensive uses in marketing campaigns and brand building. The immersive 3D pictures of products and company logos can be printed on coffee mugs, T- shirts and other promotional materials. They can be included in billboards and marketing collaterals to provide realistic views of products. The 3D printed pictures can be used in television videos and other online marketing channels.

The marketing efforts can be multiplied by the proper use of 3D methods in advertising. For products targeting children, cute and funny pictures along with tiny logos can easily attract their notice. For trendy young customers, the product display can be made with style by adding appropriate effects using 3D methods. Similarly, based on the target customers, proper marketing theme can be chosen and the advertisement can be presented in the respective way using the array of 3D rendering methods. With a high probability of invention of newer technologies, the 3D rendering methods will soon create a new age in advertising.

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