Lumion 3D Animation software The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

What makes for a great design?  Is it the software or your creativity in understanding and delivering the concept?

The answer is both. In order to come up with a fantastic design, you must have a strong sense of visualization and then translate it to a storyboard. You then recreate the magic using powerful software. Model makers are professionals who design 3D models of a concept or an exact replica of a prototype, They create an experience.

3D Animation perth

While 3D modeling refers to the creation of three-dimensional object, rendering enables designers to apply photo realistic effects, with shadows, lighting, background, details and so on.

Today architectural rendering is the process of creating two-dimensional (2D) animations of a proposed architectural design. With time and technological advancements, computer aided design has become the trend. Architectural illustrators use sophisticated 3D animation software to render life like solutions of the design. Images created using 3D animation software employed to render the model are known as computer generated renderings.

Rendering can either be basic with shadows or it can be photo realistic, which creates a photographic image of the model. This is usually preferred due to its high visual composition and primarily used for marketing, to attract potential buyers or investors. It’s quite well known in the real estate business, where design related decisions can be made through experiments generated using 3D animations.

Architectural animation is yet another approach to create and sell your design ideas. It is a notch higher than the simple architectural rendering which uses a one-point perspective. However, architectural animation is ten times more powerful, where it uses dozens of images to give a movie-like experience by providing multiple perspectives of the building, structure or proposed design layout.

What would take huge number of hours today has been reduced to almost nothing.

Lumion Render with incredible speed

Lumion is one such software that empowers architects to deliver high quality imagery within a matter of minutes. The transformation from a noisy image to one of high resolution with the required color balance, filters, environment replete with foliage, 3D animations, characters with silhouettes is instant.

3D Animation

This is one of the preferred software on the market for designers because with its host of features, it is not intimidating to use, but infact quite simple to work with. You can create movies, animations and render images even without any training and apply it to a 3D model. It is further compatible with various other 3D design software such as Revit. Creativity and decision making takes place at the spur of the moment.

Lumion enables you to modify designs in real time as you go. It is equipped with a huge library replete with tools, images, artistic effects to create mind blowing visuals from beautiful skies, to lush green grass, ripple of water, people and much more to create one composite seamlessly integrated project.

With this software, you are only limited by your imagination. Another advantage is the ability to work on large spaces and customizing videos on the spot for potential customers.


Lumion 3D Animation software The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
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Lumion 3D Animation software The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Lumion 3D software that empowers architects to deliver high quality imagery within a matter of minutes, let's see The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
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