Want A Thriving Business? Focus On Animation In Perth!

Animation refers to the illusion of making movement through the display of a rapid sequence of images. It can be recorded in a variety of formats such as flipbook, digital media, motion picture film as well as flash animation and digital video.

The field of animation today has achieved an international stature.  It is no longer a term associated with just Hollywood or Disney, but today it is a global phenomenon with animators and studios across the globe competing in this thriving industry.

Animation In Perth

What makes it interesting is the plethora of fields in which animation plays an important role. Moreover, it is not just 2D animation any longer. 3D animation generated using computer graphics is huge because of its ability to provide depth and sense of realism. It is not just the entertainment and media industries that use animation, but fields like medicine, architecture, interior design, real estate actively use 3D animation services to woo potential customers.

Design proposals and models are created in 3D with complete imagery, choice of colors and fully-designed interiors and exteriors. The clients are given a 3D walkthrough of what the final project they see will actually look like. It removes the room for assumptions and helps identify and mitigate risks well ahead in the design. So it also gives room for thinking about customizations if required. 3D made its mark with the entry of Toy Story which was way ahead of its times. This was followed by a resounding success of Jurassic Park in 3D with lifelike dinosaurs jumping out to you.

The experience is phenomenal and since then, there has been no looking back.

With the advent of 3D animation, it makes model making less time consuming and very lifelike. For example, it is used to design a airport where detailed 3D construction of the airport infrastructure is created. The technology is also used for designing websites, marketing materials, training, presentations and much more.

Want A Thriving Business? Focus On Animation In Perth!

In many fields, 3D animation is an excellent mode of learning complex concepts through lifelike images which can be rotated, split and given a 360 degree view. What makes it versatile is that it is not just realistic, but also gives room for innovative designs. You are only limited by your imagination.

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Using the latest tools and technology, you can create mind-blowing designs. Earlier video games used to be created with simple pixels, basic colors, but now video games are at a different level with visual rich colors that is closer to reality. Even museums now are going the digital way. They have touch screens and animated videos that display complete information on the object of interest.

The future trends in 3D software include

Maya, VFX, Cinema4D, Blender, 3D Max, V-ray , Lightwave, Softimage, Lumion, Mudbox, Modo and much more. For now, 3D animation is created on a 2D screen.

Infact, it is not too far away to think about possibility of creating 3D within a 3D environment. As technology continues to evolve, it only promises to get better. The future for animation is brighter than ever.

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