What happens when architects try their hand at industrial design?

Contemporary masterpiece constructions around the world depict the skill and mastery of their designers. An architectural firm would have a respectable balance of design talent and technical talent and expertise in both would be beneficial to sustain business brand and ROI. Unfortunately, many construction groups do not have an affordable balance and that often frustrates customers.

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Often interior design studios contract with top builders, to brand the construction project as an exclusive one. This is done to probably use the designed by ‘so and so’, just like a business draw card and later claim the project as an iconic collaboration. With global access to design talent pool across the nations, cherry-picking a top flight design firm would signify a branding exercise and that helps getting together documents that later permit project completion without undue problems.

Industrial Designers Architecture Practices

While industrial Architectural model makers train in their specialized fields of study, for example; Material Science, Wood Science, Metals, Ceramics, Color Theory, photography, and Digital Art etc. Most architecture practices take the view that their existing talent pool is capable of taking on project commissions. ‘Most of the same concepts and principles used in architecture could be applied to the design for products like furniture.’

industrial design veetil digital perth

There are several architects who discuss this crossover as a necessity, while some claim it’s an existing trend. A lot of the design architects tend to use what they call an ‘Architect of Record who tends to be doing the construction implementation. However, the questions that still remains are- is it easier for an industrial designer to do architecture? And whether for an architect it is necessary to do industrial design? Architecture, in a sense of a more pedestrian architecture, is relatively simple compared to industrial design. To recapture the scenario, it’s far more tactful to do something like a laptop design than it is to do an average building.

3D Architect

On the other hand, construction owners have also discovered that there are firms out there (“Architect of Record”) that may not have top design talent, but out rival at stamping a set of drawings, construction documents and providing phase building construction services. Such scenarios have given generous opportunities to construction architects to step into small scale design efforts.


Several architects quickly get a taste for the market demands and then hunt down opportunities to signature, and brand the product. They might later contract with another dealer and get their designs into mass production.

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Having an ‘architect of record and a “design architect” does not mean that the design work and the development are now co-ordinate well. Several situations command Architect (“Architect of Record”) to contribute towards the design. Also, numerous times the design architect too might have an opinion on the phase productions.

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Architects sometimes turn responsive to designing smaller items are most often driven by what they see as necessity. To convince their client, new ideas for architectural models and ask about the architecture, they sometimes need to design the lights, furniture, and decide the color. Architects also take up small inputs and design for small products, as the architecture plan for a building are realized in the long-term. Also, high-profile demands an equally good portfolio only then you could command a high fee. The usual way architects chime in for this duo-discipline is when they also take on responsibility for their building’s interiors. The next step on the product design journey is to design items independent of an architect’s architecture.

Any change seen around the world is rooted very early in the preparations. The current trend among the top construction designers around the world is to carve out a niche in product design that has the potential to become stand-alone. Whether its top designers from New York’s, Hong Kong, Dubai, Italy or the names like Fosters, Armani etc. they are investing extensive resources in this direction.

Global 3D Construction

The world of construction is changing, so is the education realm related to it. Earlier architects were only into scale and proportions of construction in 3D animations, now they study photography, interior decoration and product design. Steadily, the focus now shifts to necessity, which adheres to architects taking complete responsibility and command over their projects. However, the economics of such design initiatives are not always straightforward, and many architects invest a in-congruent amount of resources into product designs. Although, everyone finds it an opportunity, not many successfully demonstrate a talent in this field.

industrial design veetil digital perth

World records achievement in construction is very rare and once in a lifetime opportunity. Supporting design expertise, contractor, construction and localized paperwork with adequate funds, resources and manpower happens for very few builders and developers. Hence completed projects that have been testimony to a designer’s talent must be recognized and treasured. Industrial designers have over the years worked with architects and it would be the same for another few years until there is a breakthrough of a cross discipline.

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