Tools Everyone in the 3D Animation Industry Should Be Using

3d animation tools and software perth

It is a pleasant surprise how 3D animation has changed the world for the better! From manufacturing to the entertainment industry, 3D animation has taken over almost every sector. It is a profitable venture providing ample opportunities to young animators and tech savvy geeks and enthusiasts to explore and experiment on the various high-tech features of 3D animation. Check out these amazing tools and animation software that every animator must try for improved results.

Photoshop CS6


3D animation Photoshop CS6

This animation tool launched by Adobe in the year 2012 is an excellent option for professional animators. A much better and modified version of the previous Photoshop, it enhances your work with the many additional features such as Content Aware patch, Content Aware Move, and other tools.

3D animation Photoshop CS6

It even automatically saves the project to prevent it from being lost.


maya 3D animation

Maya is an animation application that is used to efficiently design special effects and smooth movements. It is replete with many advanced features that can enhance the volume, the visual effects, colours and graphics of the animation.

maya 3D animation

Also it supports URI and provides excellent help and support.


3D animation

This animation software is used by animators to adjust the characters movements with the audio. It is cloud software that even supports 2D and simple animation techniques.

3D animation

You can either directly record the audio and match the video to it or export files from the internet.


MudBox animation

Originally developed as a painting application launched by Autodesk, MudBox can also be used for modifying and enhancing HD animations. You can import and export a wide variety of file types such as .obj, .fbx, and .bio and .mud files.

MudBox 3D animation

You can improve on your designs with the excellent visual enhancing options. Also you get to add textures and colours to the animation.

Painter X3

Painter X3 animation tools

An amazing paint tool, Painter X3 gives the animator an almost realistic experience of actually painting on a canvas. The amazing Photoshop tools and Wacom features that help you design real life 3D animations.

Painter X3 3D animation

It is also quite inexpensive making this software a must have.


Houdini 3D animation

It is one of the best animation tools available in the market. With its innovative technical features, VFX, visual and graphical effects, Houdini is a favourite among animators. It is used by many big production houses such as Dreamworks Animations, Image Engine etc.

3D animation

and is perfect for designing video games as well.

3D Studio Max

3D animation

Another hot favourite among professional animators, this is primarily used to design games but has now ventured out into films as well. Replete with technologically advanced features it ensures smooth glitch free operation.

Cinema 4D

3D animation

This animation tool launched by MAXON computer GmBH has revolutionised the entertainment industry. With its excellent editing features and graphics you can add special effects and design very detailed animations that have almost realistic features.

3D animation

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