How does 3D Animation aid the Production process?

3D modeling and animation services have revolutionized the way many industries around the world operate today. There is increased efficiency, enhanced productivity, minimal wastage and better conversions when companies employ 3D animation to facilitate their design, development and production process. This is a lot more pertinent in high volume or high cost projects where resource utilization and conversions play a significant role. 3D animation helps industries in several ways and includes showcasing of products, brand or product promotion, providing self-explanatory mediums, training, selling and enabling visualization and demonstration.

3D Modeling and Animation services

3D modeling and animation services make industries accessible for the outside world, offers cutting-edge applications, enhance digital marketing efforts and ensure highest efficiency in instructional design. The technology is an expert in transforming virtual ideas into larger than life forms. Today, businesses are truly seamless and integrated regardless of geographic and physical boundaries. Reach or potential of every industry is growing rapidly with the use of 3D animations. Customers can be reached from across seas more effectively than through any other medium of communication or approach.

3D Animation in the Production Process

3D animation services in any production industry can be classified into three stages – pre-production, production and post production. Pre-production is where ideas are streamlined, shaped and refined prior to the production process. 3D models and videos detail every step and create a road map for the production process. The subsequent stages can hence be well designed without scope for flaws or problems.

During the production stage, the process of animation begins. This is usually the longest stage and also the busiest of them all. Animators, artists, designers and architects work together in this critical stage. This is where supporting objects, environments, motion, texturing and lighting are suitably created.

3D modeling and animation services in the post production phase involve exporting and rendering of animation frames. Pieces of animation are edited together and soundtrack including sound effects and voice-over incorporated. Creation of transitions, compiling, exporting and video file compression are done during this stage. Composting and color correction are also handled in the post production stage.

3D Animation process – Architecture

3D animation very effectively enables companies and businesses overcome several hurdles to increase accessibility, productivity and production efficiency.

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