Understanding the Background of 3D Animation

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There is no denying that 3d animations leave you awestruck every time you watch one. Most of us would have gauged the effort that goes behind creating such gripping piece of animated content. While 2d animation like those created by studios like Warner Bros or Walt Disney involves arduous task of hand drawing and coloring, 3D visualization process is more or less similar, but demands additional steps to create the moving picture.

Ground works that go into 3d animation

The first and very basic step in 3d animation is to determine the length of final output. This is very crucial as you may have to spend months together even if the video length extends to additional one or two minutes. Once it’s done, decide on the video type – whether it should be more of a realistic film or a cartoon movie. Got a mascot or specific character to be portrayed in the film? Take a call on that too. What about VFX, music scores, voiceover, etc? Jot down everything that your movie demands.

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Be ready with the script or at least an outline before starting the 3d visualization. It is also important to decide an ideal resolution for the movie: 720p HD or full HD.

Getting into shape

Following this, videotaping has to be done. This will be of help for the animation team to easily understand the personality and movements of characters. The next stage in the process is where the animation gets shape. This involves storyboard writing and animatic creation. Animatic is the process of creating moving storyboard done to aid in pre-visualization.


Fun with creating 3d animation

The real fun of 3d animation creation begins with character concept art which involves hand drawing of every character in different poses in which they will be seen in the film. Bidding bye to paper and pen, the use of mesh begins at this stage. With the drawings, animators manipulate mesh into characters following which the digital sculpting software gets used.

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The characters then get their bones attached; rigging artists take care of this process. This helps in achieving movement in these characters all of which will seem realistic. At this stage, animation tests are done. Next to this, the animators start with animating each and every character pertaining to what’s in the script. Based on what is required, the environment and ambience are created using basic shapes of trees, vehicles, buildings, etc as required.

Lip synching including body language, mouth, facial expressions, etc are taken care of at this stage. Later, dynamics of the character such as hair, clothing, and so on are to be added at this stage.


Once all these are done, the post-production begins. The first and foremost step here is to edit the footage on a timeline. It is recommended for us to have extra shot angles and footage as they can help in case if a particular scene has not come out as expected.

Make the movie complete with sound FX, music scores and others to take out the final output.

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